Scene 15 Celebration

The day of the ballet has arrived. The court is in their finest glitter, and King Louis arrives to outshine them all.

M31A “Celebration”


To mourn the queen dowager

Tonight at the Sun King’s banquet

The king will dance a new ballet


Apollon and


The two muses

All Three:

Watch carefully

M31B “Apollon and the Two Muses”

The king dances with Charlotte and Mireille. Philippe becomes frustrated and tries to pull Charlotte aside.

Philippe: Charlotte, fulfill your mission! Go!

Suddenly Mireille begins acting strangely and bites Francis!

Francis: Mireille!

King: Stop! Seize that woman!

There is a fracas as women Scene 15 Celebration scream and the guards seize Mireille.

Henriette: This woman is a vampire!

All: Whaa?

Queen: Don’t be ridiculous!

King: Mireille was the same as always at practice yesterday. Did something happen last night?

Queen: Nothing at all! She just had a special lesson from Francis!

All: Francis?

Francis makes his entrance.

Francis: Here.

King: Francis, is this true?

Francis: I taught her dance.

Madame: Your Majesty, there is no doubt, that is a blood sucking demon, a vampire!

King: Who are you?

Madame: Madame Noir, Prince Philippe’s alchemist.

Francis: No, Your Majesty, that creature is a madame Scene 15 Celebration in name only, and is certainly a vampire.

King: What?

Francis: Lift up the veil, Mikhail. Charlotte will give testimony to everything about your brother and that creature.

King: Make certain of that woman.

Moriel: Yes, Your Majesty.

When the guards come towards him, Mikhail rips off the veil and pulls a gun from the front of his dress.

Madame: Well, come on. I’ll open up a hole in your chest!

King: A man!

Madame: Your Majesty, watch carefully! Although he takes a bullet, he is a demon that isn’t perturbed at all.

Francis: Mikhail, you have an Scene 15 Celebration amethyst rose on your chest. You found it?

Mikhail strokes the flower and smirks.

Mikhail: While you’ve been passing your time carelessly.

Francis: And then I put a stop to your plans to overturn this country.

Mikhail: You’re an annoyance!

Mikhail fires his gun at Francis.

King: Looked like a perfect hit!

Mikhail: He too is an undying vampire.

King: Francis! Have you nothing to say?

Francis: It was my training as a dancer.

King: Eh! Seize them both!

Guards: Yes!

As the guards encircle them, Francis and Mikhail find themselves fighting back to back.

Francis: Maestro Scene 15 Celebration! A tarantella!

M32 “Tarantella”

Francis: Mikhail, I won’t let you have the remaining roses.

Mikhail: As if you could stop me!

Mireille attempts to bite the king, and Francis bites her and returns her to normal. The king becomes angry.

King: Francis! You…

Henry: Francis, thank you!

Francis: If you want to be happy with her, leave the palace.

Henry: Yes! We’re going back to our hometown!

Henry and Charlotte leave the chaos. Henriette screams as she runs from a vampiric Philippe, who then goes after his brother. Francis bites him and returns him to normal as well Scene 15 Celebration.

King: Philippe.

Philippe: Brother.

King: You plotted treason.

Henriette looks at her husband in accusation.

Henriette: Did you really?

Philippe: Aaaah! Out of my way!

Philippe shoves his way out of the room. Mikhail escapes as well. The king has had enough of this nonsense.

King: Non!

Our thoughts are the thoughts of France


He is the Sun King, Louis XIV

Only the king and Francis are left.

King: It seems like you have saved us from danger.

Francis: By force of circumstances.

King: Are you truly a vampire?

Francis: I will leave that up to your imagination Scene 15 Celebration.

King: Won’t you let us learn about eternal life?

Francis: I’d also like to know.

The king is yet again annoyed by Francis’s smooth answers, but he reins in his temper.

King: What?! Well, it can’t be helped. We will overlook it.

Francis: Thank you very much.

King: Where will you go from here?

Francis: To the other side of time.

King: To do what?

Francis: To look for roses.

King: There are many roses in our gardens.

Francis: These are roses with a story.

King: Is that so. The expert dancer who searches for roses. We Scene 15 Celebration will remember you. Farewell.

M33 “Vampire Requiem” (Reprise)


All living things in this world

Hold their life dear

If you are destined to lose your life,

Who will you love?

Aaa, vampire

Aaa, requiem

The burden of unending time

Wandering in search of roses

Act 2

Rika: We will now begin act two of The Seal of Roses, conducted by Misaki Megumi.

The Third Tale: Tango Club (Berlin 1934)

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